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Bellarine Flooring offers a range of residential and commercial carpets, carpet tiles, outdoor marine carpet and quality seconds.

When choosing carpet for your home or office it is important to start by asking, ‘What do I want from my carpet?’ In other words what is important to you?

Do you want resilience and longevity, do you have a high traffic area, do you have pets, do you have young children, is allergy free important, what is your budget, do you want soft plush carpet or hardwearing loop pile. These are all questions our friendly staff can guide you through when you visit our showroom.

Take a look at our easy to understand Guide to Carpet Pile Types


Wool carpet has long been known for its natural ability to resist dirt, stains and spills.

With its unique and complex structure, wool’s hard, microscopic external fibre scales give your carpet natural stain and soil resistance.

Wool fibres also have the ability to bounce back and maintain their original appearance


A blend is where two or more fibre types are blended together.

Generally it is a synthetic (like Nylon or Polyester) blended with wool.

Solution Dyed Nylon

The newest method of carpet manufacture is the Solution Dyed Nylon.

Where the carpets colour is locked into the core of every fibre.

Giving this type of carpet superior stain resistance, exceptional fade resistance and tremendous durability.


Offering great value for money. This synthetic fibre is very durable, has great stain resistance and is very well priced.

In a long cut pile it can be prone to crushing, but this depends on the manufacturer.


A moisture resisting fibre used in outdoor/indoor carpets for commercial/residential applications.

Another synthetic fibre with very good soil and stain resistant properties.

Polypropylene wears exceptionally well in a loop pile.